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Youth and agroforesters are invited to take part in the congress by submitting short videos to share their ideas, questions and reflections on agroforestry and transition.

The details of the Call for video for youth (18-35) and the Call for video for agroforesters are available below, or in PDF format by clicking on the following links.

Call for videos for youth (18-35)

The 5th World Congress on Agroforestry will be held in Québec City, Canada, on July 17-20, 2022, under the theme “Transitioning to a Viable World”. The organizing committee wants to give a voice to the youth (18-35) to inspire participants and contribute to the reflections on agroforestry and the ecological transition!

Prepare a 30-secs video where you or your association answer this question :
“what are the roles of agroforestry in the transition to more just, ecological, resilient and nourishing food systems ?”

Send your video to the organizing committee using THIS LINK by April 30th, 2022

• Once approved*, your video will be available online and accessible to the congress participants;

• Your video could be selected and featured during one of the plenary session!

*Videos with improper or offensive content will be rejected.


• Length : 30 seconds maximum
• Format : landscape (16 :9 or similar) preferred
• Size: 250 Mo maximum
• Good luminosity (pay attention to counter-light)
• Good sound quality (pay attention to the volume of the voice and avoid background noises)
• Make sure you answer the question asked;
• Provide an English translation of your video;
• Use original content or make sure to respect authorship regulations
and ethics if you use other’s original material;
• Fill the form and upload your video by April 30th, 2022, using this link.

• Accepted file format : .MOV, .MPEG-1, .MPEG-2, .MPEG-4, .MP4, .MPG, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, .3GPP, .WebM, .DNxHR, .ProRes, .CineForm, .HEVC (h265)

Due date: April 30th, 2022

Contact : Geneviève Laroche
[email protected]
+250790696939 (whatsapp)


Call for videos - Agroforesters

We invite people practicing agroforestry to send us a short video following the directions below. Your video will be disseminated on the Congress’ online platforms and will feed the discussions between congresspeople. Your video could even be presented during the Congress!

If your video is selected to be presented during a plenary or a parallel session, we commit to send you a short summary of the reactions and discussions that it will have sparked.



  • Respect of allocated time (60 seconds maximum); 
  • Ideally filmed outside, with good lighting; 
  • Good sound quality; 
  • Language of production needs to be accepted by Google products (you can check out this list at the following address: If the language of the video isn’t supported, we ask you to join subtitles in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese; 
  • You need to choose a theme per video, among the following (if you want to cover more than one theme, make one video per theme)
  • The transition of food systems ; 
  • A specific theme among the parallel session topics
  • Follow the specific instructions depending on the theme you selected (see below);
  • Send your video by May 15, 2022 using this form:
A) Specific instructions for the videos on the transition of food systems

If your video is about the transition of food systems, follow the specific instructions below:

  • Duration: 30 to 60 seconds MAXIMUM
  •  The video needs to start with one of the following wordings: 
    Hello, I am/we are (add your name/your group name), I/we live in (country) and I/we…

       … need a transition of the food system because...” OR
       … believe that agroforestry is necessary for the transition of the food systems since…”

B) Specific instructions for a video on one of the Congress themes.

If your video is about a specific theme, follow the instructions below:

  • Duration: 60 seconds MAXIMUM 
  • Choose one of the following angles to talk about the theme:
    • Present a problem to which you were/are confronted and a question for the Congress’ participants. Use the following wording:
      “Hello, I am/we are (add your name or your group name), I/we live in (country, region), and my/our question/problem is (explain in a few words). I/we ask the Congress’ participants: (ask your question).”
    • Present a success story/innovation that you want to share. Use the following wording:
      “Hello, I am/we are (add your name or your group name), I/we live in (country, region), and my/our success story/innovation is…”


Due date: May 15th, 2022.

Your video is ready? Submit it here.

Any questions? Contact us: [email protected]