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Agroforesters of the world, join the conversation on agroforestry and transition by organizing a Satellite Event of the 5th World Congress on Agroforestry in your area!



Satellite events / Eventos satélites  :
May 31 / 31 de mayo / 31 de maio
Summaries and videos / Resumenes y videos / Textos y videos:
June 15th / 15 de junio / 15 de junho


What’s a Satellite Event?

A Satellite Event can be any event held before the Congress that includes a moment for agroforestry practitioners to discuss/reflect on a topic revolving around one or several of the Congress themes.

A Satellite Event doesn’t have to be a dedicated event; the discussion/reflection on agroforestry can be integrated in an event/training/visit/meeting that is already planned in your calendar. For example, if your farmers’ association holds its annual meeting in January, you could decide to dedicate 30 mins of this meeting to a discussion/reflection on agroforestry.

There are no minimum requirements regarding the format, the length of the discussion or the number of agroforestry practitioners participating in the event; as long as agroforestry practitioners can express themselves on agroforestry, and that you commit to report the conclusions or main points of this discussion to the Congress, your event is eligible to become a Satellite Event!

To be recognized as a Satellite Event, your event must:

  • Give rise to a discussion on agroforestry including people practicing agroforestry;
  • Be held before May 31st, 2022 (extended date);
  • Dedicate time for a discussion/reflection on one or several of the parallel session themes;
  • Commit to send your reflection in a short text and/or a video by June 15, 2022 at the latest (extended date).
How to organize a Sattelite Event

You simply have to include a moment of reflection/discussion on a topic linked to agroforestry and revolving around one or several of the Congress themes during an event that you are already organizing (or during an event organized especially for this matter)* that gather people practicing agroforestry before May 31st, 2022 (extended date), and share the main conclusions, ideas or questions arising from this discussion with us in a text and/or a video by June 15th, 2022 at the latest (extended date). All the details are provided below.
*The Congress is not responsible for the organization of the Satellite Events and can’t provide any technical or financial support to the organizers.

1) Choose the event which will include a reflection on agroforestry. It is important that people practicing agroforestry are given some time to speak, and not only a person giving a conference (n.b. the events and discussions on agroforestry don’t have a constraint on the number of participants or length; for example, it can be a meeting taking place in the field). 

2) Choose the themes you want/expect to cover;

3) Optional – get your event officially accredited as a Satellite Event of the Congress.

If you want your event to be officially recognized by the Congress, fill in, as soon as possible, the accreditation form. Your proposition will be reviewed by a committee. If your event meets the admission criteria (listed above), you will receive a certificate and a logo to identify your event as an official Satellite Event of the 5th World Congress on Agroforestry. Anticipate a 2-week delay before receiving the confirmation of your accreditation. 


What are the advantages of the accreditation? 

By obtaining an accreditation as a Satellite Event of the Congress,  

A) You will be authorized to advertise your event as a "Satellite Event of the 5th World Congress on Agroforestry – Transitioning to a Viable World". Your event will also be advertised as a Satellite Event of the Congress in our multiple networks;  

B) Your organisation will benefit from the « Satellite event » registration rate*, which will allow you to access all the online content of the Congress, including the plenary sessions, the parallel sessions, and the workshops at a very low price; 
*Valid for one connection at a time.

C) Your event will have some visibility on the Congress’ website and its social media. 

D) Your organisation will be recognized as an official partner of the Congress and your logo will be displayed on the Congress website.


4) Send us the conclusions of your discussion about agroforestry by using one of the following options, or both: 

a) Write a short summary (250-300 words) which presents the main reflections, conclusions or questions that have arisen during your discussion and send it via the submission form

Your summary (both its original version and its English translation) will be included in the Book of Abstracts of the Congress. Your summary will feed the debates during the plenaries and the discussions between congresspeople.

If you plan to write your summary in another language than French, English, Spanish or Portuguese, please provide an English translation with your original summary.

b) Create a short video by following the instructions and send it via the submission form

The video will be available online and could be presented during the Congress to feed discussions between congresspeople. The committee commits, if your video is selected to be presented during a plenary or a parallel session, to send you a short summary of the reactions and discussions that it will have sparked. 

Click here to submit your summary and/or video.


DEADLINE to submit your summary and/or video: June 15th, 2022 (extended date). 


Any questions? Contact us: [email protected]